“room for new hope, love, joy, adventure”
 “my friend is still here but her memories are fleeting as i breathe”
 “a hole your heart learns to grow around”
 “bittersweet confusion”
 “smile even though you’re breaking”
 “rebirth, reinvention”
 “i don’t miss them, i miss doing things with them”
 “cry, scream, talk”
 “I don’t know if he would be proud”
 “I remember the day frosty didn’t come home”
 “it’s difficult because they died in pain and alone”
 “but in this country there is war”
 “i see her loss in my son and grandchildren eyes”
 “my love went into the cosmos always an astronaut circling the globe in an unknown dimension”
 “keep on smilin’”
 “my heart hurts”
 “i’ve never pictured the world without you in it now i’m forced to it hurts”
 “it’s like an earthquake so sudden you can only try to recover from the aftershock rather than try to prevent it”
 “Not to worry”
 “God’s gain”
 “when i lost my mother i felt nothing for years loss is numbness”
 “a coat from the cold”
 “change empowerment”
 “we never really lose in every loss we always gain a little”
 “i lost myself in you”
 “so sad but true i’ve found out more about my loved ones after they’re gone than when alive”
 “losing a marriage to addiction meant gaining a beautiful beginning and redefining love”
 “i lost my way in”
 “i lost a singular person now i am plural depersonalization”
 “It isn’t what happens to us misery or happiness the choice is ours”
 “How do I find myself again”
 “time gaped loosely around me and threatened to overwhelm me”
 “i lost my way back home”
 “missing my little man”
 “It was only in the loss of my father that I found my adulthood”
 “scared unknowing not ready not willing to die”
 “Daniel was taken too soon-I was lost and still recovering forty years later”
 “No matter how much time goes by it will always be there”
 “intense pain”
 “emptiness abbreviated with sharp pain”
 “I lost my feelings towards people”
 “It happens suddenly and never without warning. The hard part is accepting the loss and being strong enough to move on.”
 “nothing hits harder than momma dying”
 “i lost comfort and stability for the price of growth and understanding”
 “loss is the worst pain to exist and we’re expected to ignore it”
 “the only thing you lose is the one you can build again otherwise it’s over”
 “It isn’t what happens to us that causes us to suffer, it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens.” -Pema Chadron
 “i  miss paxo aloyrious everyday he died at 3 years old every loss is a scar that we learn to live with”
 “i have lost the opportunity to ask my parents the right questions”
 “I lost trust in the one I love”
 “i wish”
 “i am 70 years old when i was 2 1/2 my father died i have always wondered if i am like him”
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